TRX TEAM Spring 2012


Many of you have noticed the banners, the shirts, and the closed classes over the past few weeks and wonder, what is TRX TEAM? TRX Team is a 6-week Suspension Training course specially designed to take you to your next level of fitness. We’ve got specially trained TRX TEAM coaches ready to push you to the limit while creating an environment where you will make a friend, workout buddy, and a TRX Teammate.

Throughout your 6-week program you and your team will master several exercises from our TRX library. As the weeks progress, the exercises and the class will get harder, but don’t worry. Your TRX TEAM will be there pushing you the whole way. Not sure about TRX TEAM, give our Pre-season workout a try. In between each course, TRX Team Pre-season classes give you a taste of what you can expect throughout the 6 weeks.

Still not convinced? We’ve asked Kris K and Sara N to answer a few questions about their TRX TEAM experience. Here’s what they had to say:

TTC: What do you like most about TRX TEAM?

KB: The TEAM instructors, consistancy of the schedule, and mix of exercises in each class are great

TTC: What results have you seen after the TRX TEAM course?

SN: I’ve gotten a lot stronger and have more definition in, especially in my arms and core. I feel great.

TTC: What makes TRX TEAM unique to you?

KB: I feel like I have a personal Bond with the instructors

SN: I like the camaraderie of the team

TTC: What is one thing that surprised you about the course?

KB: How difficult it can be after a year of TRX Training.

SN: I’m pleasantly surprised how I can  complete full sets without quitting. I can concentrate on form and add modifications to make the movements harder. There’s no limit to how tough you can make the exercise.

TTC: What would you say to people thinking about trying the next TRX TEAM course?

KB: In 6 weeks you will be hooked.

SN: Don’t be intimidated, you don’t have to do every exercise to get the results. Show up, do what you can, and keep after it. It’s all about forward progress.

TTC: Will you take the course again?

KB: Yes

SN: I’ll be back for more.

Now its time for you to give it a try. Here are the details:

TRX TEAM Evening Bootcamp at 7:30pm – $200
Starts 5/1, 60 minutes, 2 days a week (T/TH)

Sign up for your first class Here.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at or give us a call: 415-655-4797.

Where ever you are in your fitness lifestyle, let TRX TEAM take you further.

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