The all new TRX Mbody classes – Mpulse: cardio heavy and Mpact: strength heavy – offer a fresh new format with the same amazing results. Delivered by the best coaches in the Bay Area, TRX’s “Move Better” philosophy fuels total-body workouts designed to build resilience and get you on the fast track to achieving all of your fitness goals, safely and effectively. 

TRX Mbody classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of any individual, regardless of what their goals are or where they are on their fitness journey. Each experience includes a combination of TRX Straps + Bodyweight + Functional Training Tools + Conditioning Drills to give you the most dynamic and effective training session out there. 

Cardio Blast


TRX Mpulse focuses on improving your cardio and building muscular endurance, while promoting weight loss and burning calories. Watch your heart rate soar with multiple rounds of strength + cardio work using the TRX Suspension Trainer and other Functional Training Tools. This fun, high intensity, interval-heavy class offers all the movement enhancing benefits of TRX Suspension Training, while seamlessly integrating a wider range of conditioning  and functional training methods.

Strength Focused


TRX Mpact classes will push you to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension Trainer, Functional Training Tools, and your own bodyweight. While Mpact classes emphasize the development of quality functional strength and lean muscle mass, you will still get a healthy dose of heart-pumping conditioning drills to reset your system and give you an extra challenge in each session. Needless to say, TRX Mpact will leave you quivering, in a good way, long after your workout is complete.

Getting Started


Designed for individuals who are either just get started on their fitness journey and/or new to TRX Suspension Training. Mprove will help you gain the confidence you need to progress into more-advanced and specialized TRX Mbody classes. (Note: TRX Mprove classes are offered on a limited basis. If you do not see a Mprove class on the schedule, please contact a staff member for information on the next offering). 

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