While serving as a Navy SEAL, TRX founder and CEO Randy Hetrick needed a way to workout and stay mission fit. With an old jiu-jitsu belt, some parachute webbing and sheer ingenuity, Hetrick sewed together the first TRX Suspension Trainer. He set up his handmade contraption over a door and discovered that he’d produced the perfect mobile gym. It weighed less than two pounds, he could set it up anywhere and he got an incredible workout that taxed every muscle in his body and worked his core in ways he’d never before experienced. It did everything traditional weights did, and then some–and it was a completely new way to train.


In 2001, Hetrick hung up his fins to attend Stanford’s Graduate School of Business where he refined his new training tool, working with coaches, athletes, students and sports medicine specialists. Hetrick started selling Suspension Trainers out of his garage in San Francisco, and dreamed that one day his brand would build an international training destination dedicated to helping everyone move, feel and look their best. The TRX Training Center is this dream realized.


Today, the TRX Training Center delivers the ultimate TRX experience. As TRX’s flagship training facility and research laboratory, it’s the global epicenter of everything TRX. Anyone who walks through the door, at any fitness level can experience the best TRX has to offer. Trainers, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, athletes of all levels travel from around the world to come to the Training Center. We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Whether you want to throw farther, run faster, ride longer, get stronger, be healthier or simply improve the way you look and feel, every goal starts with moving better. That’s what we help you do best. Our classes will move you, and our instructors will inspire you.

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