If you take early morning classes here at the TRX Training Center chances are you took class with Felicia. She takes TWO classes every morning! Talk about making your body your machine! Felicia has been a TRX Training Center Member for 4 year and has taken 1,402 classes in that time! Here’s how she makes it personal:

– What drew you to the TRX Training Center?

One of my friends, Jamel Ramiro, was a trainer at the TRX Training Center. I was doing some personal training sessions with him and he incorporated the TRX straps into the workouts. I was reluctant to take a class because I didn’t consider myself a “group” workout kind of person. I was running marathons and half marathons and doing great on my own. After using the straps a couple times I started to feel stronger, and sore, in muscle groups that apparently I had been neglecting. I eventually agreed to attend one of his classes and it blew my mind. If I remember correctly I left with a class package and eager to return. That was 4+ years ago and I have never looked back.

– What keeps you coming back?

It’s a combination of things. The variety of workouts, the coaches, and all of the people I have befriended in class who, like me, want to improve their strength, balance, overall fitness level, and well-being.

I typically take back to back classes and some days after one I start reconsidering that decision. Inevitably one of my favorite people will show up to take the next class and immediately I’ll recommit and be excited again.

I’ve built some incredible friendships with the TRX Training Center members that I have worked out with over the years. One member recently invited me to volunteer with her family at Glide Memorial Church serving meals. It was an incredible experience to be of service as well as to be part of the family outside of the TTC.

– Do you have a favorite class here at the TRX Training Center?

Sweat is probably my favorite class to love and hate. I love the feeling when the class is complete but hate that feeling at 5:55am right before class when I think to myself “what’s wrong with sleeping in?”

Sweat offers my favorite combination of cardio and strength exercises. However, I do love the variety of all of the classes at the TRX Training Center.

– Do you have a favorite TRX exercise?

Trx Burpee has consistently been my favorite exercise since the day I fumbled through my first one over 4 years ago. It’s a full body workout and I can modify the movement to make it harder as I continue to get stronger day by day.

– What’s your favorite thing about TRX?

My favorite thing about TRX is the emphasis on core. I have always worked hard on my abs wanting that coveted 6 pack. I know now that my focus then was primarily on wanting it to look good not whether I was stronger. Through TRX I have learned the importance of having a strong core and how it facilitates all body movement. Another favorite thing is interacting with the coaches who continue to challenge me with form corrections and steeper angles.
Sometimes they’re killing me but I’m loving every minute of it.