There is good evidence that assessing gross movement capabilities can be related to injury prevention, pain and success in exercise programs. Many of us have pain, limited movement and are probably not optimizing our workouts as best as we can.


The TRX training philosophy starts with movement in mind – so we need a way to have a quick evaluation of where you are starting from, to get you to your goals. We put our money where our mouth is and provide a fun, easy way to educate people about fact that moving better is the impetus for all goals.


Through TRX MAPS you can leverage the following:


·      Assess how you move

·      Identify inefficiencies

·      Prescribe pertinent programming

·      Progress in your fitness goals


It’s simple. TRX MAPS performs a complete body movement assessment in less than 30 seconds. Through analysis of your movement, TRX MAPS then pushes a customized exercise plan designed to improve inefficiencies in Mobility, Activation, Posture, and Symmetry addressing your areas of weakness.


Your individual results and exercises are delivered via email and stored in the TRX app so you can track your progress after each scan.

Having a snapshot of your movement can be very valuable to you, and your TRX instructor. With regular scans, you can watch your progress over time.


Be sure to get your free TRX MAPS assessment at the TRX Training Center and be on your way to a better you!