The TRX Training Center is excited to announce we will be partnering with Virgin Sport on their upcoming Fitness Festival.

We at TRX(r) understand that runners, run. It’s what you do, and even the most dedicated runner can benefit from cross training. That’s where TRX comes in. TRX changes the game, strengthening muscles and increasing stamina, so you can run hills, sprint to the finish, or reach a new PR- whatever your goal may be.  Sooo…check out the details and make sure you train with us to make this your best race ever!

Introducing Virgin Sport San Francisco – the first ever Festival of Fitness to launch in the United States, which will host a weekend of activities like the Go Fit Yourself lineup (which will include a mix of free and pre-paid yoga, bootcamps, dance and other fitness classes) local food, live music and entertainment, October 13-15.

The headline event will be the brand new (and hilla fun + hilla hard) Half Marathon on October 15, starting and ending in Civic Center Plaza, where much of the festivities will be taking place.


The day before, on October 14 there will be the Twin Peaks Mile race, where participants can race uphill one hard mile in four different styles:

1.       Style mile – give us your best costume, stylish running shoes, creative running motion…anything that says “I own my running style”.

2.       Straight up – run it…as fast as you can!

3.       Better Together – run with your best four pals

4.       Hiit & Run – After each ¼ mile, runners will partake in some sort of x-training making this the ultimate mile.

Runners will run up the south side of twin peaks and walk down the same way. At the top – beer, photos, cheering, dj and FUN!

Virgin Sport is Virgin’s newest start up, led by Sir Richard Branson and Mary Wittenberg. They’re on a mission to get the world moving through sport, challenge, human connection and fun.

The TRX Training Center wants to help you finish strong so sign up for our special Virgin Sport Training Package!

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