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TRX Training Center Coach

Abigail holds a B.S from the University of Florida, NASM-CPT, and is a Duke Health Certified Health & Well-being Coach. She has a desire to help people and make a positive impact in others’ lives. She also wants to show people that as a type 1 diabetic, the sky is the limit as to what she is physically capable of.


TRX Training Center Coach

What started as a passion for fitness soon became an overwhelmingly amazing profession, and I am grateful and excited to help you become the best version of yourself! Whether it is your first class or your 100th, all fitness levels are welcome in my class and you will always leave feeling accomplished and stronger than when you walked in.

Having dedicated a big part of my life to Musical Theatre, I’ve learned the new definition of a triple threat: singer, actor, fitness instructor, and you can expect me to give you my all, singing and dancing alongside you as you conquer those goals.

Jen Sincero says it best, “You Are A Badass!” So let’s channel that energy, focus on the present moment, and make some serious #roomtoblum TRX!


TRX Training Center Coach

WHATS UP!! I'm Aryn, your go-to fitness professional with contagious energy and a spunky training style. Recognizing that every athlete is unique, I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, I tailor my modalities to suit individual needs. My focus is on dynamic workouts that are both effective and personalized, designed to help you reach your fitness goals with enthusiasm and precision. Outside of TRX group classes, I enjoy working with clients 1:1 to build a personalized connection and to enhance their technique, educate, challenge, and help with preexisting conditions. I can't wait to bring my enthusiasm to your fitness journey and work together to make your goals a reality!


TRX Training Center Coach

I began working in the fitness industry while in college, and fell in love with the ability to lead and
inspire others through movement. I’ve been a group fitness instructor for over 3 years leading
HIIT, Pilates and Functional Strength classes. I believe exercise has the ability to transform not
just the body, but also the mind. In 2019, my appreciation for exercise grew significantly as I
took on the role of a full time caregiver for a family member battling ALS. I felt determined to
become the strongest both physically and mentally, simply because I had the privilege to. My
goal is teaching clients to feel a sense of empowerment and inspiration through movement,
recognizing their innate capacity to accomplish anything they set their minds to.


TRX Training Center Coach

I am a high school science teacher by day and a fitness instructor by night/weekend. I love to exercise and believe in the power of moving correctly and with purpose. As a busy mother of 3 children, I understand how hard it is to make time for self. With over 20 fitness certifications over 9 years, I focus on correct form, balanced muscle development, and connecting the mind. My goal is to help all my clients make progress along their exercise journey, no matter the starting point.


TRX Training Center Coach

With a history of being a collegiate athlete, Patrick has gained extensive knowledge on training the body to perform better in full body movements, not only stronger, but pain free as well. His favorite clients to train are those who are new to fitness and are wanting to help improve their way of life. He believes everything starts with a positive mindset, and coaches from a teaching perspective. Being able to move pain free is always the main goal, and improving strength in all movements helps build confidence. Everyone starts somewhere, and there is always more to learn. Patrick doesn't have a certain niche to his fitness knowledge. He takes time to find what makes his clients learn best, and grow from there. Everyone should feel comfortable in their body, and having a positive mindset is always the first step.


TRX Training Center Coach

Originally from West Hempstead, NY, Mike has a background in physical therapy and got into fitness 17 years ago when he discovered a passion for helping people improve their health & wellbeing. Mike strives to help clients move effortlessly through life. He enjoys playing soccer & spending time with his daughter.


TRX Training Center Coach

Originally from San Jose, CA, Daniel has 22 years of experience in the fitness industry. He’s a HYROX athlete who aspires to help his clients maintain their youth, health, and longevity through exercise and healthy behaviors. When he’s not coaching, Daniel enjoys relaxing and spending time with his family.



General Manager, TRX Training Center

I am a TRX BLACK & YELLOW Master Instructor and BOSU Master Instuctor specializing in semi-private small group training with hundreds of hours of on-site TRX professional education. I am also a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and a Pronatal Fitness Certified Coach.

I truly enjoy coaching TRX classes and love watching my clients get stronger and better everyday. My main goals are to help train and motivate people to move better, build strength & endurance, and increase confidence!

I love being a part of the TRX Training Center family because not only am I living my passion, but I get to meet and work with amazing people everyday!


Head Coach, TRX Training Center

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